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  • Reading is Fun! November 20, 2014

      Reading books every day betters our reading fluency and comprehension! Ethan Ott is getting ready to take an Accelerated Reader test on a book he just finished.  Ethan, along with all the 2nd graders, are working toward their reading goals each day. Check out how many books our students have read so far this […]
  • Cash Bash November 17, 2014

    St. Boniface School’s Saturday, Nov. 22nd 6:30 to 9:30 PM Doors Open at 5:45 pm   Free Food and Drink No Admittance Under 21 –ID Required   One Ticket $5     or     Four Tickets $15 1st Prize: $1500 2nd Prize: $500 3rd Prize: $300     Located in the St. Boniface Cafeteria, 359 Main St, Kersey, […]
  • For Sale: Smoked Pepperoni, Smoked Cheese and Peanut Butter Balls November 13, 2014

    Smoked Cheese and Smoked Pepperoni and Peanut Butter Balls   Pepperoni (8 in.) $5 each                                           Number of pieces ______  x $5.00 = Total ____________ Copper Cheese (Approx. 13 oz.) $6 each          […]
  • Catching a Brain Wave November 13, 2014

    Mrs. Cesa’s third graders are zeroing in on good nutrition and exercise this year.  Each day the students bring in a fresh fruit or a vegetable they earn a sticker for their snack chart.  The students have turned this into a competion to see who will fill their chart up first.  Everyday they are so […]
  • Science Fair November 12, 2014

          Our fourth and fifth grade students have been hard at work on their Science Fair projects. Each student worked at home conducting an experiment and there were no limits put on their creativity! They were required to write a report complete with hypothesis, procedures and conclusions. Plus a display board to show […]
  • St. Boniface’s Super-Duper Bingo November 10, 2014

  • Washing Clothes the Old School Way November 10, 2014

    First graders at St. Boniface School tried doing laundry using a wash tub and a washboard . In social studies class, students compared family life in the past to family life today.  Everyone agreed that a washing machine is a lot easier and does a better job!
  • Happy Halloween! October 31, 2014

    Happy Halloween from all the faculty and staff at St. Boniface School!
  • Catholic means Universal October 16, 2014

    Did you know the meaning of the word Catholic is Universal?   We’d like you to think about the name of our school. St. Boniface Catholic School actually means St. Boniface Universal School. We pride ourselves in teaching the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church to our students, but we do so while welcoming families from other religions. […]
  • Open House October 9, 2014

      St. Boniface Open House Tuesday, October 14th 6 – 8 pm   * All parents, grandparents, and other special people are invited to attend. * Check out our classrooms! * Visit the Scholastic Book Fair! * Enjoy Ice Cream and Cupcakes! *Booths from the Parents’ Association, SCRIP, Scouts, Uniform Exchange, and more       […]
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    Saint Boniface, founded in 1885, is a student centered parish Catholic elementary school encompassing preschool through grade five. We provide self-contained and limited departmental instruction with emphasis on high academic achievement, self-esteem, and a commitment to Christian values. Our nurturing environment includes a variety of teaching styles and experiences to educate the whole child to meet present and future challenges as we move toward the 21st century.

    A Catholic education aims to prepare students not only for careers, but also for life. It helps students to deal not only with questions of what a person should know, but also with how a person should live. Catholic education is best realized in Catholic Schools which offer opportunities for each child to receive religious and secular instruction, experiences daily living in a faith community, and develops skill and commitment in serving others. Catholic students learn to integrate the teachings of moral and spiritual values of the Catholic Church within the academic, social, and

    emotional environment of the Catholic School. Our Catholic School is a parish school within the Diocese of Erie. As part of the parish family, St. Boniface and the Diocese look to the school to serve its children and to collaborate with the Diocese in the formation of its children.

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