Saint Boniface, founded in 1885, is a student centered parish Catholic elementary school encompassing preschool through grade five. We provide self-contained and limited departmental instruction with emphasis on high academic achievement, self-esteem, and a commitment to Christian values. Our nurturing environment includes a variety of teaching styles and experiences to educate the whole child to meet present and future challenges as we move through the 21st century.

A Catholic education aims to prepare students not only for careers, but also for life. It helps students to deal not only with questions of what a person should know, but also with how a person should live. Catholic education is best realized in Catholic Schools which offer opportunities for each child to receive religious and secular instruction, experiences daily living in a faith community, and develops skill and commitment in serving others. Catholic students learn to integrate the teachings of moral and spiritual values of the Catholic Church within the academic, social, and emotional environment of the Catholic School. Our Catholic School is a parish school within the Diocese of Erie. As part of the parish family, St. Boniface and the Diocese look to the school to serve its children and to collaborate with the Diocese in the formation of its children.

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Upcoming Events

May Crowning

During the month of May, a month named for and dedicated to Mary, Catholics around the world traditionally honor Our Blessed Mother with special devotional services like our May Crowning. On May 7th our 5th grade girls participated in a special ceremony during our... read more

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Melaina Gradl who was the champion at St. Boniface Catholic School’s annual spelling bee and placed 6th overall in the Erie diocese’s spelling bee this month! We are very proud of Melaina’s academic... read more

Spring Fling Thing

Recently students in Kindergarten through 5th grade at St. Boniface Catholic School participated in a spring musical production entitled “The Spring Fling Thing”. Our evening began with the students entering the stage singing “Jesus... read more

Teacher Appreciation Week

Why God Made Teachers by Kevin William Huff When God created teachers, He gave us special friends To help us understand His world And truly comprehend The beauty and the wonder Of everything we see, And become a better person With each discovery. When God created... read more

Thank you Volunteers!

Recently St. Boniface Catholic School’s students and staff gathered together to say thank you. We wanted to take time to show our appreciation for all the parishioners, parents, and grandparents who volunteer their time and talents through out... read more

First Holy Communion

Sunday May 3, 2015 was a lovely day for First Holy Communion! A few days prior all the students gathered together for a retreat in preparation of the sacrament of Holy Communion.  They enjoyed the day with Father Ross making bread and doing arts and crafts projects.... read more

Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to St. Boniface! Everything at this fair is Buy One Get One Free Children are able to shop during the school day and even online! Any orders that are placed online will be automatically shipped to the school at the end of the selling... read more

Teachers Can Be Students, Too!

As teachers we know the importance of staying informed with the best instructional methods and practices. We want everything we do as teachers to have a meaningful impact on students and help them learn to the best of their abilities. For this reason, teachers must... read more

Challenge 24

All year long students at St. Boniface Catholic School, in 1st through 5th grade, compete on Thursdays in Challenge 24 games. Challenge 24 is a  gamed aimed to teach children relationships between numbers. The children are shown a card with several numbers on it. The... read more

Talent Show

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in our annual St. Boniface Talent Show! We have a very talented student body!  ... read more