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Our Latest News

Hot Potato!

Mrs. Cesa’s students were having a blast being the teacher in English class.  In groups, students were to create an activity on nouns and present it to the rest of the class. Pictured are the students playing Noun Hot Potato. read more

Bible Stores Come to Life!

Grade 4/5 recently read bible stories.  They then presented their own interpretation of the stories to the rest of the class.  They had a variety of options for presenting and especially enjoyed acting out some of the stories.  They had an amazing time working... read more


EEEW! YUCKY! GOOEY! …that’s what you heard in the Kindergarten classroom while carving their pumpkins.  The children had fun carving and cleaning out their pumpkins.  Here are the girls separating the seeds from the, as they said “gross stuff.”... read more

Art + Religion

First grade artists displayed their creation watercolor pictures. The students presented their projects as part of  a religion assignment. Students drew and painted their favorite part of creation and included a prayer of thanks to God.  Very nice, first... read more

Exploring Plants

The second and third graders are having an awesome time in science exploring plants.  They have been doing many group activities, such as looking inside a seed and seeing what happens to a celery stalk when it is put in water with food coloring.  Pictured are students... read more

Fall Cash Bash

Join us for our Annual Fall Cash Bash on Saturday, November 7th at the St. Boniface Cafeteria. Doors open 5:45pm. Event 6:30-9:30. Cost is $5 for one or $10 for three or $20 for seven. The more you buy, the more chances you have! See you there! Contact the school at... read more

Multi-Age Learning Resources

Multiage classrooms are composed of students who are more than one year apart. Students remain with the same teacher for more than one year. Multiage classrooms are made up of a mix of abilities and ages. Students are not grouped based solely on academic performance. Multiage classrooms reflect the natural groupings found in our neighborhoods, communities and in the world, and provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas, modeling of behaviors, practice of responsibility and nurturance, and development of leadership and social skills.

Several principles and practices are foundational to multiage classrooms:

  • Teacher is the facilitator of learning (rather than the keeper of knowledge)
  • Developmentally appropriate, child centered, continuous learning
  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Attention to the education of the whole child

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Saint Boniface, founded in 1885, is a student centered parish Catholic elementary school encompassing preschool through grade five. We provide self-contained and limited departmental instruction with emphasis on high academic achievement, self-esteem, and a commitment to Christian values. Our nurturing environment includes a variety of teaching styles and experiences to educate the whole child to meet present and future challenges as we move through the 21st century.

A Catholic education aims to prepare students not only for careers, but also for life. It helps students to deal not only with questions of what a person should know, but also with how a person should live. Catholic education is best realized in Catholic Schools which offer opportunities for each child to receive religious and secular instruction, experiences daily living in a faith community, and develops skill and commitment in serving others. Catholic students learn to integrate the teachings of moral and spiritual values of the Catholic Church within the academic, social, and emotional environment of the Catholic School. Our Catholic School is a parish school within the Diocese of Erie. As part of the parish family, St. Boniface and the Diocese look to the school to serve its children and to collaborate with the Diocese in the formation of its children.

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